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Ecstatic Union - The Path of the Beloved


This music invites you to dive into to the quintessence of the path of the Beloved. Whether it is symbolized by your love towards another being or by embracing the totality of who you are, or by remembering your divine connection with everything there is, it is always in an ecstatic state that the most profound unions are felt.

In a world where so many questions are left with no answers, where truth seems to be a never ending quest, this music builds a bridge to the very core of the universe, reminding us that the highest wisdom can be felt but never be understood.

One moment, a sound, a sensation, and a miracle just happened: “I” feel life, and the whole universe dances as “I am”, forever, in an Ecstatic Union.

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Listener Reviews

  • Bela Rose
    I had the privilege of working with Elie and he is truly an amazing musician. His sounds touch you directly in your heart and move what wants to be moved in you...
  • Suzanne
    Wow… Never heard something like this before and never received it like this.
  • Mona
    Your music is coming straight from the source. The cells in my body were opening up through the vibrations, the sounds. The notes were playing with my soul. That was so lovely.
  • Beatrix
    Deeply touched by your music and your angelic voice(s). I experience the other dimension you bring to this world. It is opening and brings connection that unites on multiple levels. Thank you so much.

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