Elie & Praful in Paris – Healing Concert & Cosmic Meditation

April 17, 2020
8:00 pm
10 rue de l’Échiquier Paris (75010)
Les Temps du Corps
€25 (or €80 when combined with the one-day DEEP on Saturday 18th (€20 discount)
Elie & Praful in Paris – Healing Concert & Cosmic Meditation

Double concert evening
Heart healing Concert with Cosmic Meditation

‘get touched in your heart and expand your vision’
‘une soirée concert qui ouvre votre coeur et favorise l’expansion de votre être’

Part I: PRAFUL —————————————–

Mystical Music, Song and Meditation.
Take a journey into your heart, body & soul and bathe in the healing sounds of the divine

Praful is a master sound healer, multi-instrumentalist and singer, whose heart-centered music invites you on an adventurous inner journey. The musical nomad learned his art in the schools and musical melting pots of Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro and Mumbai and deepened it in meditation temples in Poona and all over the world. His playful, passionate and interactive music combines Shamanic power, Heart medicine, Indian sweetness, Mantra ecstasy, Jazz virtuosity, World rhythms and Meditative depth into his own blend of Sacred World Fusion. With the help of Live looping, he multi-layers sheets of sound into whole symphonies that give the listener experiences of inner bliss, connection and wholeness. He is in each and every note, inviting soul-searching and calling you to travel towards that which is of the highest caliber within you.

Praful’s 10 solo albums garnered international success, including #1-US-radio-hits and top 10 Billboard notations. Bestselling author Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) finds his music «tremendously beautiful and deeply touching» and invited Praful several times to play for his talks. He also collaborates with many other artists.
“Music is my gift to those who are ready to travel with me into the depth of Being,” says Praful. “My calling is to melt in love and joy with other hearts, to disappear in sound and silence.” Praful

«Krishna himself is playing through Praful!»
Brandon Bays, Healer, and best-selling author
“The concert felt like divine energy expanding to everybody – it was an experience of oneness.”
Nirada from Italy

Part II: ELIE —————————————

Elie invites you to a unique experience where music carries you into a healing space through deep relaxation.
The music Elie plays has the capacity to transport you into your inner realms where you can access deeper layers of your being and enjoy pure presence.

Using his guitar and voice, Elie creates soundscapes by recording layers of melodies and rhythms with his loop-station, allowing a full range of frequencies to re-align body and mind and nourishing heart and soul.

«Deeply touched by your music and your angelic voice(s). I experience the other dimension you bring to this world. It is opening and brings a connection that unites on multiple levels.» Beatrix from Holland
«I love love love your music! It’s so amazing. So atmospheric. Brings me straight to my heart, to my essence, feeling the ecstasy inside, feel everything connected. The energy in it supports the expansion, flow, a deeper experience of this reality.»
Tanja Zapolski – Pianist


This concert evening is part of a weekend offered to you by DEEP Events, an international team of facilitators, healers, and musicians.


Friday 17th April
Time: 20:00
Doors open at 19:30

Entrance € 25, or € 80 when combined with the One-Day-DEEP on Saturday 18th (€20 discount!)

* Bring a meditation cushion or blanket if you like to sit on the floor.

Les Temps du Corps
10 rue de l’Échiquier
Paris (75010)

Elie and Praful Concert