One-day DEEP in Paris

April 18, 2020
10:00 am
10 rue de l’Échiquier, Paris (75010)
Les Temps du Corps
€ 70, or € 80 when combined with the concert on Friday 17th (€20 discount)
One-day DEEP in Paris

Join the international team of DEEP Events facilitators for this very special day in Paris and get a taste of the riches DEEP offers.

On Friday 17th of April, we offer a Heart healing Concert with Cosmic Meditation by Praful Mystik & Elie Saz.

On Saturday the 18th A One-day DEEP workshop gathering where we lovingly develop your deepest potential, remember how beautiful life is when you’re simply being and to fully enjoy yourself & others.

DEEP is a manifestation by a unique group of five highly qualified facilitators;
Praful (GER), the world-touring sound magician
Lale (NL/TR), the alchemist and ecstatic dance facilitator
Elie (FR), the soundscaping mystic
Marcoleon (NL), the shamanic doctor
Vimal (NOR), the love-channeling healer
Together we create the perfect circumstances for you to grow, develop and shine your light.

We love being invited to Paris and share our gifts to you all. At one day DEEP we gather as a tribe around to dance, breathe, touch, listen to sacred LIVE music, sing, share & be together.

From the pool of possibilities, we allow the actual program to unfold in the moment – and that’s part of the magic!
Elements of Live music, Dance Shamanic & Tantric Practices are always part of our events.

If you are thinking of coming to our Summer retreat in France, then this one-day-Deep is a good way to meet the organizers and experience their vision. If you are longing for a nourishing and joyful day, then you’re at the right place!

More info about DEEP:

Saturday 18th April
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Doors open at 9:45

Entrance € 70, or € 80 when combined with the concert on Friday 17th (€20 discount!)

* Bring a meditation cushion and blanket for the restful moments.

Les Temps du Corps
10 rue de l’Échiquier
Paris (75010)